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Tennessee’s Lip & Tongue-tie Specialist

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Dr. Paige Prather is uniquely qualified to help families dealing with the challenges of lip-tie and tongue-tie. Through personal experience with her two sons, she understands the emotional and physical stress of not being able to breastfeed. Since then, she has combined the latest research, most advanced technology, and best training with her expertise as a dentist and her passion as a mom to provide peace-of-mind and proven solutions to these very curable conditions.

Dr. Prather and Child

What is Lip & Tongue-tie?

Lip-tie and tongue-tie are conditions in which the tongue or lip remain too tightly attached to the hum of the upper jaw or the floor of the mouth. There is a process called apoptosis that occurs during fetal development that separates this attachment, but when that separation does not occur completely, the individual can have restrictions of the tongue and lip that can cause various symptoms for babies as well as older children and adults.

Lip and tongue-tie occur when the lack of complete apoptosis leads to the connective tissues, frenulum, being tight, immobile, or too hard. This can impede movement during speech, chewing, and smiling.

Dr. Prather and an adult

Did you know?
Adults have tongue-tie issues too?

Many people are seeking adult tongue-tie release and seeing benefits. Like relief from poor sleep, sleep apnea, neck pain, digestive issues, and anxiety. Dr. Prather is an experienced practitioner who is skilled and trained in the Zaghi method. Give us a call to set up your consultation at 615-771-2151!

Quick Facts about Lip & Tongue-Tie

Most people—including many medical professionals—do not fully understand the symptoms and indications of tethered oral tissue. Here are some quick points of reference to guide your search for solutions.

Common Symptoms for Moms

  • Pain with breastfeeding
  • Nipple damage or distortion
  • Insufficient milk supply
  • Mastitis or blocked ducts

Common Symptoms for Babies

  • Poor weight gain
  • Clicking when breastfeeding
  • Excessive fussiness
  • Early termination of feeding

Common Misdiagnoses

  • Acid reflux or digestive issues
  • Colic
  • Sleep apnea / lack of sleep
  • Nasal congestion or allergies

Unsure what certain words mean?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone!
It sounds like a foreign language to many.

Cost of Treatment

We understand just how confusing paying for lip and tongue-tie treatment can be. You may need to use dental insurance, medical insurance, or both, and many providers charge fees on a sliding scale or based on the complexity of the procedure. Dr. Paige believes that caring for your child’s oral health and wellbeing shouldn’t be that complicated. That’s why we charge a flat rate for every procedure and have a team of specialists dedicated to getting the most reimbursement possible from your insurance.